The company Nový Elton a.s. in Nové Město nad Metují was founded in 1998 and is the successor and successor of Chronotechna, which was founded here in 1949 and has been engaged in the production of wristwatches since its inception. It introduced serial production of these watches in Czechoslovakia, including mechanical movements, and gradually expanded this production to include the production of wall and table clocks and mechanical alarm clocks. Later, it also introduced the production of quartz wristwatches and wall clocks.

In addition to this production, the production of precise and delicate mechanics for other industries – textile, electrotechnical, printing and automotive industries – was developing. It produced precision precision mechanical parts and assemblies for special equipment, such as lighters.

Currently, the production is dedicated to the custom production of precision mechanical parts, including their surface treatment and assembly, metal pressing.

In addition to this production, a tool workshop developed throughout this time, which originally provided for the construction and production of tools for watchmaking and special production. Currently, the tool shop is an independent production center that produces tools, tools, molds and small-series precision parts for domestic and foreign customers.

The company currently has approximately 80 employees.

For quality assurance, New Elton has:

An independent quality department working according to ISO standards, Nový Elton has been certified by RWTÜV according to ISO 9001:2000 since May 2002. technical control provided by inspectors who monitor and evaluate the quality of production. gauges.

Due to its long-term experience in the field of turning, Nový Elton is willing to switch to new products, e.g. with larger diameters, and to adopt new technologies, including equipment.

The new Elton currently has the following basic production directions:

  • production of turned parts on CNC and long-turn machines
  • production of turned and milled parts, including assembly of subgroups
  • surface and galvanic treatment of metal components
  • production of tools, instruments, molds and precision parts, single-purpose machines
  • on Burkhardt, Müller machines.